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Dr. Dennis Ngo Talks About Constipation, Dirty Colon, and TOCOMA

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(This is the full transcript of this video about Constipation, Dirty Colon, and Tocoma.)

My name is Dr. Dennis Ngo, an internist and my sub specialty is Gastroenterology. I am a practicing doctor for 21 years already and there’s also a time that I teach in one of the universities here in Philippines.

Q: Doc, what is constipation?

We must know the meaning of constipation.

For normal people, when we say constipation you’ll just simply say, “ah! I can’t poop”. But it’s not the definition of constipation.

If we say constipation:

First, it’s possible that you couldn’t do bowel movement. Second, it’s hard for you to dispose of your waste. Third, yes you have disposed of your waste from your body but you feel like it’s not empty yet. Fourth, if we’re going to count those bowel movement episodes in a week, it means that it’s not, or shall we say that 3 times or less only.

So, these are the four (4) factors that we consider you’re constipated.

Again, even if you have disposed your waste every day, it’s still possible that you’re constipated.
Q: What are the things that you must do if you are constipated?
What will you do if you’re constipated?

Aside from taking medicine, or taking laxative, you should think, “Why am I constipated?”

Maybe we are often or let’s just say that sedentary facing only in computer in the office, we’re not moving anymore, and less walking. Those are the only things that we do.

So, we must be very active, we must move, we must walk, drink lots of water, and there should be enough fiber in our diet.

One of the products that the market has today is what we call “Tocoma”.

Legit FDA Approved TOCOMA

It is made of fruits, plants, all-natural products a powder made that we can consume 1 sachet once a day. If you’re just starting using this, 3 times a week is okay but if you are used to consuming it, every day is fine and even until eternity is okay.

Q: Importance of our Digestive Track

For our digestive system, or the parts that is covered by our digestive system is the throat or the esophagus and reaches through the stomach. The stomach is usually what people complain about like hyper acidity or the stomach aches, that’s totally a stomach ache. Then, when the food crosses the stomach, it will automatically go to the small intestine.

Q. How does small intestine work?

It is for the absorption of vitamins, mineral nutrients and water. And the left overs or the by products of nutrients will go directly into the large intestine.

Q. What’s the work of large intestine?

It is for storage of the waste and by-products of the nutrients, and for re-absorbing of the water.

That’s why we take care of large intestine we don’t want that these waste stay in large intestine for long.

So we need to dispose our waste completely because we like to maintain a healthy colon.

Again, our focus should be on the large intestine. It must be clean, and the waste must regularly be disposed.

We should take adequate amount of water, and fiber in our diet, and increase our physical activity.

Those are what we need.

Q: Is it safe to take Laxative?

For people who have experienced the episodes of constipation, we’ll just knew it from them when they were taking medicine in order to poop. That’s fine sometimes, but we should know first why we can’t poop regularly.

Now, to avoid taking medicine we must again know the reason. I said, be active, drink enough of water and include enough fiber in your diet.

Now, if we can’t do these things that we mentioned, we can take supplements with natural products for safety, because being a physician we’ll give prescriptions in order for the patient to help dispose the wastes.

However for long term, we must not, because not all medicine is safe and because some medicine has a counter effect in other circumstances. We don’t want that an old person has stomach burning or the stomach hurts too much because we just simply say that he needs to force himself to poop.

So if natural products is taken, the body is already can adjust to its effect and it will be easy for someone to dispose his wastes.

That’s why if possible, we must use the natural but of course you need to have enough water, movements and fiber in diet.

Q: When is colonoscopy needed?

There are times when people seek advise from me about “when is colonoscopy process necessary?”

Now, here in our country our recommendation is “for every person either sick or not, if you reach the age of 50, you should do a colon check-up.  


Now, is it necessary to reach the age of 50 for colon check-up?

Certainly not.

So, at  what circumstances?  

First, you must look at your poop.

If your poop is little, or more than smaller pieces and  thinner than the usual, it is the changes of how you poop that  you need to undergo colonoscope.

Or you suddenly noticed that you’re pale, weak, and slim you need to have a check-up.

Or you have family history of colon cancer, you really need to be checked earlier than 50.

So, it can possibly give you awareness that if you poop, you should look at it if there’s any changes of its width, length, color or there were times that you had diarrhea, the next week you’re constipated and go back to diarrhea again, this is what we call Alternating Diarrhea Constipation which is not a good signal.

Poop must be given a special attention.

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