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Boy Abunda on Legit and FDA Approved TOCOMA vs. Fake Tocoma

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(This is the full transcript of this video, Legit and FDA Approved TOCOMAversus the Fake Tocoma.)

Please welcome our grand ambassador of Tocoma, Dr. Boy Abunda!

Boy Abunda:

Thank you, thank you… Thank you very much!
My story with Tocoma started 6 years ago.
My love story with Tocoma.

The first time I saw it, I already knew that we’re going to fall in love with each other. When Tocoma became famous… that’s true… that changed into controversy, we always say, that others… from authorized MDP, ahhh… franchises’ FB pages.

That’s very clear… you have to be very cautious, because you could not buy from any other ahhh… online shopping platform…

The product, Tocoma because lots of people said that “ Where we exactly can buy this? ” online only.

It must be authorized by MDP, it must be ahhh.. ahhh.. FB page of franchisee of MDP. Let’s be fair.

When MDP became part in the life of Tocoma, they’ve got lots of, lots of people that has been helped. Lots of people have said thanks… because there’s already, there’s already Tocoma in our place.

However, not all social media or online internet platforms who have said that they are selling Tocoma are authorized or not.

The only authorized group that sells tocoma is MDP and you do that online. Thank you so much MDP!

It is also important to know that Tocoma is only P650 pesos. Being sold as P650 as what I’ve said to our producer not P850… not P900.

There’s a supermarket near ABS-CBN, the price is P1000 pesos, that’s not fair… that’s not fair.

Get it from… ahhh.. the Tocoma official sites and you’ll get fair fee.

The FDA approved packaging of Tocoma has my photo on the box.

I’ve seen some cut-out pictures pasted on the box, that’s not FDA approved. So, be careful… be very careful…

And there are somewhere else coming from other sources like from other countries, let’s say Malaysia for example, that does not carry my photo.

That is NOT approved!

That’s not the packaging approved by FDA.

So these things are very important that we know because we have to protect our product because we are talking about people, lots of people are depending, lots of health will be improved – that Tocoma has been taking care of.

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