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Why TOCOMA Is The Best ? – Boy Abunda and Dr. Dennis Ngo Talks About Tocoma

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(This is the full transcript of this video, Why TOCOMA is the best for colon cleansing.)

Why Tocoma is the best?

Boy Abunda:

Dr. Dennis how to be so sure, because we all know that outside, there are lots of ah… what were those again Dennis? (cleansing) Yes! those cleansing, cleansing has — you know people offer so many things.

How, how are we assured that Tocoma is – is the best?

Dr. Dennis:

Have you experienced using Tocoma already?

Legit FDA Approved TOCOMA

Crowd :  Yes

Dr. Dennis:  

Do you like the taste?

Crowd :  Yes  

Dr. Dennis:  

It’s very colored, it’s powdered, it’s pulverized right.

So how do you prepare?

You just snap off the cover put it in a glass of water for a hundred fifty (150) mL and drink it usually at night.

Because the effect will come in when?

6 hours later, right?

So, what is your experience when you go into the toilet, what do you see?

You feel as if everything that you’ve taken in the previous day would come out.

And that is what the whole idea of good health.

Because we want the toxins whatever is retained in the system to be eliminated. To be passed out, as we know the large intestine or the colon has only two main function.

Number 1 –  To re absorb water,

Number 2 –  To act as receptacle of stool or feces.

So the whole idea here is to remove whatever residue the stools may have and everything should go.

And that is why you feel empty, you feel clean, without any discomfort.

It’s not like taking castor oil or something that would make your… ahmmm, you know… the stomach burns or the pain.

There’s no pain, you have the natural sensation of.. uhmmm, the urge to go to the toilet and when you seat down in 3 to 5 minutes everything is done and when you look at it everything is floating.

Well you see, that means even the fat oils in the system would also be passed out, so okay?

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